Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Will it ever end? Please help!

When I was at my regular dentist two weeks ago to get my teeth cleaned, he mentioned the large “contacts” between my back teeth. He had noticed these spaces when I was there getting my implant put in. They concerned him because food gets stuck in there, and he doesn’t want to see me get cavities in there or the gums get irritated because I have to constantly pick food out. He said that the only way that he could fix them would be to have crowns, or veneers put on. And of course that would cost me several thousand dollars. He was so pleased with my results from my orthodontia that he wanted me to go talk to the ortho.

So today I went to the ortho to talk to him about these spaces. Sorry if these seems jumbled, but I’m a little frazzled right now. He first mentioned possibly making the fillings in those teeth cover the gaps. I told him that my regular dentist at first thought that would be an option, but once he looked at them more, he didn’t think that option would work because of the size. So basically, what he came up with was to give me new retainers, like InvisAlign to move those back teeth. Sounds all good and like an easy choice. But of course NOTHING is when it comes to our teeth. My teeth all mesh so nicely now and by moving them, even just a little bit, we run the risk of losing that meshing. I expressed my concern about not wanting to lose all that we have worked for already. He said that if they start to feel “off”, I can stop wearing those retainers and they should move back to where they are now. The operative word being SHOULD. What if they don’t? He suggested that we start with the top and see how that goes, and if it works out well, then move on to the bottom. But he still thinks that getting crowns on the bottom would be the way to go.

I just don’t know what to do. If I do decide to go with the retainers to close the gaps, I run the risk of my teeth not meshing well anymore. The ortho said that if I stopped wearing the retainers they would go back, but is he sure? Then there is a small gap between my number 1 and 2 (between the front tooth and the first one to the left on my uppers) from where the button was. So he said that we could fix that with the retainers as well. But if we do, doesn’t that mean that ALL of my teeth to that side will move? Will this screw up my bite? I have just spent so much money, time, and pain on these teeth that I want them to be perfect. They are so close right now and I am SO afraid that if I do this last step that I will screw it all up. I just don’t know what to do. I am going to call my regular dentist and see what he thinks. I may also call my surgeon and see what he thinks too. This is a new ortho to me because my original one retired and sold his practice. It’s not that I don’t think this ortho is capable, but I just haven’t had enough experience with him to completely trust him. Does that make sense? I am just SO confused and don’t know what to do.


Kristy Clucas said...

wow this really sucks...has this always been an issue, or is it something new? Just asking because if old, why wasnt it adressed BEFORE the braces came off...i know you wanted them off, but wouldnt it have been better to cose those gaps when they were on...i totally feel for you...who knows whats the right route...and you have spent so much $$ and time, like you said, hmmmmmmmmm what to do...i definitely think 2nd and 3rd opinions in this matter are good.!

Tara said...

It's a new problem in that it wasn't this way BEFORE braces. What actually caused it is the bands that go all the way around the back teeth. So when the braces were on, it was fine, you didn't notice it because the bands were there. But when they removed the bands, the space is where the metal was. So bascially, it's caused FROM the braces. I had this problem with my first set of braces, but with the Hawley retainers, they can adjust them to close this gap. With the Essix retainers, there is nothing to adjust.

So in short, this problem was not a problem with the braces on. It's the braces that CAUSED this problem.

Oh the joys of having a messed up mouth. Thanks for the encouragement! I need it right now.

Kristy Clucas said...

k i hear you, yeah i didnt have that problem cuz i only had single brackets on the back teeth, i didnt have the one that went around the teeth...hmmmmmmmmmm what do to....just check out your options...honestly wouldnt u rather have the gap and "possibly" get cavities that can be fixed...or throw off your WHOLE bite that was the reason for going through this whole process...i dont know though? Let us know how it goes!

Shontell said...

Omygoodness. To be honost with you, I'd get those crowns. You won't risk moving stuff around and messing up your new bite. They are expansive though. Stupid braces!! The ortho should have known this would happen and adjusted your retainers accordingly. I feel for ya tara. Just when you thought everything was over and done with. BOOOOO!!