Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I bet that got your attention!!! Well, last week was a good one for me as far as braces go. I went to the ortho on Tuesday and I knew it would be good because I made my last payment for my braces. So they are now paid off!!! YEAH! My ortho is getting ready to retire (at least that's what I'm assuming) and he now has a new dentist in the office with him. So it was nice to get to meet him. I'm not sure when my current ortho will be done, but when I tell you the next part, it won't make a huge difference to me. I AM GETTING MY BRACES OFF!!!! Can you believe it? I'm only 2 months post op, and these braces are coming off already! I will be just past 3 months post-op when it happens. It originally was suppose to be January 9th, but when I got back to work I remembered that I would be in Seattle Washington that week giving a presentation at Boeing, so it will be the following Monday, the 14th! I so never thought that this would happen this soon. I am excited, but yet a little scared that the teeth aren't perfect. The ortho originally thought 6 - 9 months post-op was when the braces would come off... not 3! And going off of his original guess of 6 - 9 months of having them on before the surgery, which turned in to 19 months, I was not holding my breath for them coming off before I turned 30 (I'm only 28 now, so I really was not expecting this!). I'll talk to him again before he actually takes them off, so lets hope that all goes well. I am just still in shock that they are coming off.

So you're all probably wondering why I waited a week to tell you all. Well, I was going to try to keep it a secret, but I just couldn't do it. I still haven't told anyone other then my husband. I wanted to see how long before he noticed, but I SOOOO can not keep things from him. So, other then you all, he is the only one that knows! I want to see every ones face! I'm such a dork. So shhhh, don't tell anyone (ok, that really only goes to my non-ortho friends that read this!).

On the dizzy front... I went to yet another new neurologist last Monday. He was MUCH nicer. He too thinks that it is Basilar Migraines. He said that it may be board line Chari, but if it was, there isn't anything they can do about it. So he was going to get all of my records from all of my other doctors (primary, 3 other neurologists, cardiologist, and ENT) to see what tests they ran. He didn't want to put me though all of the tests if I had already had them and they were fine. I have to keep a record of my headaches and dizzy spells for the next 6 weeks and go back to see him. He is taking a VERY conservative approach because all of the meds that they would give you can't take when you are pregnant, and since we're trying, that would be no good.

That's about all that's new here. If I don't get a chance to write before the holidays (we do lots of traveling, first to my in-laws then to my parents), have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!