Sunday, March 25, 2007

Finally, some photos to share with you all!

Well, here are some pictures, FINALY! They aren't the best, but then I took them myself after an ortho appointment. I can't wait to post the new improved smile. I was thinking that I didn't want to get the genio done, but after taking a closer look at these photos, I may spend the extra money and do it anyway. We'll see what my OS thinks when I see him next (which will be for my pre-op!).

Front view, remember, I took these myself. And it was after A LONG day at work (but then what days aren't long when you are working 50 - 60 hours a week?). Oh, notice the gummy smile. Can't wait for that to be gone!

A nice CLOSE up of teeth. If you look, you can see that there is a slight underbite. Before the braces I had a cross bite, one tooth under, one tooth over. Now it's all under. The only teeth that actually meet completely are my K-9's with the first molars.

Ah, the dreaded profile pic. I think this is the one that we all hate the most. I have ALWAYS hated my profile, and never really thought that there was anything that could be done about it. But that's why my OS is going to move my upper jaw forward instead of my lower jaw back. That will give me more depth and more pronouced cheeks. I can't wait!!!

Yup, this one's not any better.
Well, there are some pictures. I wil try to be better on putting updated pics here. I'll have to have Bob (my husband) take the pics next time. Maybe they will come out better then (but then I NEVER think pics of myself come out good, no matter who takes them). Thanks for looking! I will also try to be better at updated this blog. I know that I look forward to reading how everyone is doing, and when a day goes by and there are no updates from everyone, I get sad, but then I never update, so I really shouldn't. Keep up all the good work guys and girls, and we will all be through this before we know it!

Friday, March 23, 2007

No surgery yet :(

It's late on Friday night, but I wanted to let your inquiring minds know that it was a no go at the surgeon's yesterday. He said it was really up to me, but if it were him, he would wait a few more months. My K-9 teeth on the upper need to move out just a little bit more to get a perfect fit. I figured I have put enought time, money, and effort into this that I want them to be PERFECT. I'll write more details tomorrow. But thanks for all of the well wishes everyone! It's great to have you all out there.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm off to see the surgeon!

Well, I'm getting ready to leave work to go meet with my surgeon! If anyone was wondering, YES, I am scared. Heck, I'm petrified, and it's just a consultation. But we are suppose to set the date today, so hopefully tonight I will be able to let you know my when my day of doom will be!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Last Ortho visit until Pre-Surgical Models

Well, yesterday I had my last ortho visit until my pre-surgical models will be done! I get to the office and when the Dr. comes in, he is all giddy and excited like a little school girl. He's like "So, when's the date, when is it, I'm SOOO excited!" Yeah, of course he is, he's not the one that's getting his jaw cut up. But I don't have my next appointment with the surgeon until next Thursday, the 22nd, so I won't know until then. All the OD did yesterday was take off my lower power chain and put on "under lacing" from 6 to 6 so that they don't move at all. It was nice to go there and not have sore teeth. Which is good since I am hosting a Pampered Chef party on Saturday, and we are having a fun Irish theme. But I will keep you all updated on my surgery date. Hopefully I will have that set next Thursday.

It seems like SO many of you all are going through surgery right now. Just today Cary had his. I keep checking his blog to see how he is doing. He said that Amy is going to be updating his, just like he updated her. Which, by the way, have you seen pictures of her lately? You look GOOD girl!!! I am SOOOO excited for you! It's funny, I talk about all of you fellow bloggers to my husband like we actually "know" each other. It's just such a HUGE part of my life right now. I truly don't know what I would do if you all didn't post your experiences. So if you are ever wondering if your post actually get read and it they help anyone out, THEY DO! Thank you!

Ok, it's almost time for Survivor. I have time to check Cary's blog once more, then it's TV time. Until next Thursday... (hopefully with a surgery date!)