Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Latest Adjustment

So I went to my OD today to get adjusted to move my K-9s out a little bit more so that they won’t have to be shaved off a little bit for the surgery. I was there for about an hour, just for a little adjustment. Oh well. It got me out of work for a little bit, so I won’t complain! They put a new wire on top, I think a 21 something. All I know is that it’s THICK! The tube on my upper left either isn’t as large as the one on my right, or it collapsed somehow. But whenever they have to put a thick wire in, they all get a good workout, and my tooth gets to hurt for a little bit. Usually it takes the hygienist and the doctor to both push on it to get it in. At least this time they shaved a little off so that it didn’t hurt AS bad, but it still took some muscling it in to get it. The OD put a few little bends in the wire to torque the two teeth out a little bit, and then under laced 3 to 3 so that they don’t separate at all. I get to go back in 6 weeks and have MORE check models taken. Hopefully I will be ready for surgery soon. Other than that, there really isn’t anything new with my teeth/jaw right now. I may take some pictures, but I don’t really think that this adjustment will show much of a noticeable change to the eye, but it will show in the models.