Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Well, I FINALLY have a surgery date. After many calls back and forth between the ortho and the OS, I finally got them to set a date. Unfortunately the surgeon wants to see a little more movement before the surgery, so it's not until October 8th. The original date that he set was September 24th, 2 days after my birthday. But I will be coming home from Nashville. Going on a girls weekend with 3 of my friends. At least I will be able to party while I'm there now! So the next available date was October 8th. As the coordinator at the surgeon's office said, this is a "tentative" date, with the hopes of moving it forward if my teeth move quickly. I'm just hoping that it doesn't get moved BACK, since I have SLOW moving teeth.

For those of you that are post surgery, how did you feel 18 days after surgery? My husband's best friend is getting married out of state from us on October 27th, so we will have to go to PA on the 26th for the rehearsal and stuff. I'm just hoping that the bruising is gone by then. Luckily the reception is at the same place that we are staying, so if I feel tired or too sore to last all night, I can just leave and hopefully Bob won't feel bad and he will just stay at the reception and have fun. Or else I will feel like I have to stay so that he doesn't miss anything.

But anyway, I am just happy to finally have a date. It's MUCH later than I was originally told. I was suppose to have this surgery LAST November, so it's only 11 months over. Oh well. My teeth better be PERFECT after all of this waiting.

Here are the surgical hooks

Well, these aren't the best pictures, but I took them myself. I was looking in the bathroom mirror so that I could see what was on the view of the camera! I'm such a dork.

Here are the hooks in all there glory! All FIFTEEN of them! And I will have them on until the surgery in October. Next time I go to the ortho, I am going to ask him to take them off. I was thinking that since I am now use to them, that I would just leave them on, but it's just that much harder to brush and floss with them. They suck.

Here's a front picture of me. Not a great one, as I took this myself too! I really need to remember to ask my husband to take some close up shots of me. They never just happen because he knows that I HATE pictures of myself.