Friday, June 13, 2008

Implant Progress

Monday I had the healing post put on my implant. It was a very quick and simple appointment. He had scheduled it for 40 minutes. It took me only 45 minutes to drive to the dentist, have it done, and get back to work! And it's a good 8 - 10 minute drive each way!

I NEVER have to wait so I was seated as soon as I got there. He had a new nurse with him and his normal nurse, so it was a packed room! He put the q-tip with the local anesthetic so that he could numb me up. He told the new nurse that he always give a shot of stuff "A" first to dull the pain, then he gives the shots of stuff "B" to actually numb you (can't remember the medical terms!). He said the "B" stuff stings, so he likes to give the other stuff first. He gives me the shot of "A" and asks if it hurts at all. I told him that I was still numb over there from the jaw surgery.

Well, that made it MUCH simpler! He goes "Really?!?! Well, let me know if this hurts and I'll give you more novocain." You should have seen the new nurses face! It was priceless! He told her that I would be fine. He never needs to use a lot on me and that I was "tough"! So he exposed the post, cleaned it out, took some pictures, puts the healing cap on, took some more pictures and sends me on my way! He has been taking LOTS of pictures through the whole process. He gives lectures on how to do implants and he said I was a "unique" case to study. I should ask him to give me a deal on it since he is using my pictures!!!

I go back in two weeks for impressions, then three weeks after that I get the final implant!!! The healing post is larger then I thought it would be, but I guess it's getting me used to having a tooth there again!

Here's some pics of the newest metal in my mouth!